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Top 5 birthday gift ideas for your friends or family

Birthdays are exciting but they can often appear out of nowhere as you spend the year on more urgent matters like duties and responsibilities. If you want to prepare a gift on such a joyous day, then you may end up stressing over what to get. 

Here are a few ideas for last-minute shopping for the best birthday gifts. Each idea considers practicality and price accessibility for all walks of life so you won’t see jewelries or cars being among the options.

A travel pillow for someone who takes long trips everyday

Among the most popular items at Amstore Online is the travel pillow as most people take long travels between cities in modern times. It is especially useful for individuals who are planning on a long vacation trip such as taking the aeroplane or going on a cross-country road trip. 

Indoor slippers with a special gimmick for the homebody

People who prefer staying at home can appreciate anything that can spice up their environment. One of the best categories for such a gift is indoor footwear. It can be a pair of fluffy slippers with a cute aesthetic or one with a fun gimmick. The most novel idea produced in the modern age is the slippers with microfibre mop at the soles. These can help with cleaning by simply walking all over their floors. 

The latest edition of a magazine about their hobby or passion

It’s rare for an individual to have a deep love for a hobby so it’s always advisable to help them cherish it. You can be part of their growth by giving them a magazine about it. Magazines are not exactly reference materials that teach the basics but a great way to give them an update of new ideas they can try. This can refer to cooking, crafting, or playing music using an instrument.

Indoor gardening equipment for the apartment dweller

An apartment is always better with a plant to make the place more welcoming but giving them a bush or fern right off the bat could backfire. Raising a plant is a small commitment but it is always disheartening to see it wilt out of negligence or mistake. It’s better to give them a modern planter designed to make raising indoor plants easy for newbies. This way, the recipient will be the one to decide when to start caring for a plant as well as learn the basics.

A planner for someone with a tight schedule

There are some individuals who can never have enough planners. They will almost always run out of sheets within months and will end up buying one or trying their luck on the next planner giveaway. Giving them one on their birthday is always appreciated so browse Amstore Online for the best one. You should also consider the size and design to match their personality.

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