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Homewares for a cosy and elegant home!

Amstore Online: Homewares for a cosy and elegant home! 

Making a house feel like home is more difficult than most people think. You need to fill it with things that you love before it starts feeling like an authentic home where you feel like you belong. To help you create your home, we have created a list with all the items that would make you feel more comfortable and at home in your new house. Check what we have prepared for you right here at Amstore Online!

Stylish storage 

There is nothing like stylish storage to make your home feel like a million-dollar apartment. What’s amazing about these cabinets or storage boxes is the fact that it can help you keep your home tidy while also standing out as a piece of furniture. For stylish storage, we recommend old lockers that you can paint depending on the colour theme of your home. 

Minimalist vase 

These days, less is always more. A minimalist vase can give life to your home without being too overwhelming. It lets your plant do all the talking. Here at Amstore Online, we have minimalist vases with a plain coloured pot and a sleek and elegant stand. You can choose the colour that you want. We have everything from black to white. As for the stand, we have gold, silver and bronze coloured stands. 

Rustic rug 

Rustic rugs are absolutely lovely in a home. It gives your living space a personality that resonates with you. What makes it even better is that it is also useful in your home since you can use it as a carpet on your floor where you can lay down and read during a sunny morning. 

Resin homeware 

The resin has recently risen back to popularity and we can understand why. It is stylish and looks simply timeless. You can do anything with a resin dish. You can use it as a display or as a dish for your jewellery. Challenge your imagination and shop for the best resin pieces right here at Amstore Online. 

Icelandic sheepskin 

Icelandic sheepskin rugs look stunning and elegant in a home. It can make any part of your home look exquisite. Moreover, it feels warm, perfect for cosying up during a cold winter day. 

Reusable drink bottle 

Make efforts to save the environment now and do your part in minimizing the trash in the world by using a reusable drink bottle. No more throwing paper and plastic cups! 

Plant hanger 

A home without a plant is simply boring and lifeless. Give a breath of life and nature into your home by bringing your plants inside in a plant hanger. These hangers don’t just give your plant a place to stay in, it also gives your home an aesthetic appeal.

Floor lamp 

Lamps don’t just give you illumination, it also gives your place a personality and style. Find the perfect floor lamp for you right here at Amstore Online today! 

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