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Gifts that would land you on the nice list!

Amstore Online: Gifts that would land you on the nice list! 

The Christmas season is already here and it’s time for you to plan out your gifts for your loved ones. Of course, that is easier than done. Finding gifts is difficult, especially if the intention is to make your loved one happy. For that reason, we have decided to give you a helping hand and made a list of the best gift ideas that will instantly land you on everyone’s nice list. Check out what we have for you below and shop with us right here at Amstore Online today. 

Elago 3 in 1 charging hub 

This 3 in 1 charging hub is perfect for your Apple user friends and family. This little hub would give them a designated space to charge their device and even store their gadgets. What makes this even better is that it plugs at the back creating a clean display that your minimalist friend would surely love. 

HP Sprocket portable photo printer bundle 

Photos are one of the best pieces of memorabilia we could have about our precious memories. This HP Sprocket portable photo printer is the perfect gift for your sentimental buddies who love to take photos. With just a simple click of a button, your digital memories could be printed and you would have your photo right in your hands.

This device can print a photo in zero ink paper with a size of 2.3×3.4 inches. You can even edit your photos on this device before printing through HP’s mobile app. 

Intelex Warmies slippers 

The best thing you can give your tired friend is comfort and these Intelex Warmies slippers will do just that. You can pop these slippers on the microwave to make your toes feel extra toasty during the cold winter season. The plush and soft material of these slippers combined with the millet-grain fill gives it a soothing weight that you would appreciate during wintertime. 

In addition to the weight and soft material of the Intelex Warmies, these slippers also have a dispersed dried lavender on the sole, which releases a relaxing lavender scent bursting with aromatherapy benefits whenever you walk. 

Dodow sleep aid device 

Worried about your friend who seems to have a hard time sleeping? This device by Dodow will certainly help them sleep better. Give your family and friend the gift of a sweeter dream with this sleeping aid that would guide them to a more comfortable and relaxed sleep. 

The illuminated metronome system in the Dodow sleep aid will help you doze off naturally using an expanding light that will prompt you to breathe in and out calmly until you fall asleep. 

New ember temperature control smart mug

Do you find yourself feeling annoyed whenever your coffee suddenly turns cold? We’ve all been there before. After all, you deserve a warm cup of coffee whenever you want. This smart mug automatically heats itself and keeps the temperature at just the right heat to make your coffee warm but not scalding hot. Say goodbye to the good old days of running to the microwave to heat your cup! 

Soundbot Bluetooth wireless smart beanie headset

This beanie has comfort, style and music combined with its built-in Bluetooth speaker that makes it easier for you to listen to your music and jam to your favourite songs. It’s perfect for the chilly weather. Plus, it is water-resistant, which allows it to hold just fine even after a few rain or snow. With this beanie, you can stream your favourite songs for up to 5 hours uninterrupted. 

Revlon one-step hair dryer and volumizer

Does your friend always feel troubled styling their hair? This one-step hair dryer and volumizer would help them get that perfect salon ready hair without the added trouble. Revlon’s detangling hot airbrush can help dry the hair while allowing it to build up volume for bouncy and glamorous hair.

The oval shape of the brush also helps give your hair an extra lift from the roots to the tips. You won’t have to go through the difficult process of using traditional hairdryers!

Tushy classic bidet toilet seat attachment

Want to give your bathroom a posh and futuristic look? This Tushy classic bidet toilet seat attachment is perfect for you. Not only does it make it easier to wash your intimate areas, but it is also extremely hygienic. The pressure control on the attachment allows you to control the stream of water in your toilet. 

Not parent-approved: A card game for kids, families and mischief-makers  

Don’t worry about the parents not approving this perfect gift since we are sure that they would have fun playing too! This game is what you can call an adult version of the classic Cards Against Humanity. This card game prompts the players with fill in the blank questions wherein each people involved would give the worst answers. The weirdest one would land the win! 

Apple AirPods pro 

Go wireless with Apple’s AirPods pro. All of your music junky friends would certainly love this gift. What makes the AirPods pro different from your regular AirPods is that it has an active noise cancellation with a complete transparency mode that allows you to hear your music clearer and connect seamlessly. 

Our place always pan 

If you have a family or friend that loves cooking, they would surely appreciate this minimalist pan. Not only is it beautiful and pleasing to the eyes, but it also allows you to save space in your kitchen. In a single pan, you have eight pieces of cookware containing the spatula, saucepan, skillet, saute pan, frying pan, nonstick pan and spoon rest. It’s the perfect gift for your friends and family who are tight on the room!

Kelsey crossbody 

The Kelsey crossbody bag features a functional and minimalist appeal. You can store all of your essential items in this bag from your phone to your wallet to your makeup! The pockets also help you organize your stuff better. Even the minimalist design gives it the advantage of fitting into any outfits that you wear. 

Judy emergency preparedness kit in bin 

For your paranoid and worry freak friend, you can give them this complete emergency kit in bin by Judy. This whole package includes everything you would ever need in emergencies including safety, warmth and first-aid materials. Along with these, foods are also stored in the box to sustain at least four people for 72 hours. 

Essentials catch: 2 dual wireless charging station 

This dual wireless charging station is just the right amount of sleek, minimalist and sophisticated. You can place this beautiful charger on any surface and leave your phone on top of it. In just a few hours, your device would be fully charged. What’s even better is that you can charge two devices in this wireless charging mat. 

Spanx the perfect black pant 

If you notice that your friend is having a hard time finding the perfect pair of pants, these pants by Spanx would surely make them smile. Not only does it have the name perfect black pants on its title, but it is also Oprah’s favourite pants. If Oprah says it’s good, it is good! This pair of pants is extremely flattering to the legs. Not only that but it is also extremely comfortable and creates a lengthening illusion to your legs. 

TeeTurtle reversible octopus plushie 

We would never be too old for plushies and this octopus stuff toy is simply perfect. It’s like having two stuff toys in one! What makes this plushie an ideal gift is that it shows your mood without you doing the talking. It can help you say what mood you are in so your friends and family can act accordingly and approach you with consciousness to what you are feeling. 

Truff truffle-infused hot sauce 

Hot sauce is so last year! Get in with the new with this truffle-infused hot sauce. This sauce is the perfect gift that you can give to your foodie friend. Add spice to your holiday supper and enjoy the unique taste of truffle-infused on your favourite sauce. 

Custom pet portrait cookie cutter 

This cookie cutter would be the perfect surprise for your fur parent and baker friend. All you have to do is to send a picture of their pet and we will customize a cookie-cutter with their face on it! 

Lululala engraved date necklace 

Make Christmas special with a date necklace from Lululala. This wonderful necklace has a simple and minimalist look that would look sophisticated on your friends or family. Plus, it has a trendy personality that would let your friends in on the latest fashion look. 

New York Times custom front page puzzle 

Does your friend love reading the newspaper? This custom made New York Times front-page puzzle will add thrill to their morning paper.   

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